Service, Testing and Monitoring

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. This is the season for upgrading and maintaining your emergency back-up power system. Look after your Generator’s health today, you’ll thank yourself later!

Alternate Power Industries’ Service Technicians are factory certified and have years of experience working with diesel and gas powered engines.

Whether you generator system is 1 year old or 15 years old, regularly scheduled battery changes along with prevenative maintenances that include oil, oil filter, sparkplug gapping, air filter service, ATS inspection and load testing will help keep your investment working to its’ optimal desinged intent.

A Load Bank Test entails having your generator disconnected from its back-up circuits and re-connected via an external “load” machine. This machine draws a full load off of the generator and meters performance. Generally this test is performed to test the integrity of the generator and to ensure that it is able to operate at full capacity.  It is highly recommended, and in many situations, it is standard village or city code to execute load banks on diesel generators.  This is performed to help prevent and correct “wet stacking” (carbon deposit build-up in the exhaust system that can eventually burn up if not removed).  When carbon deposit builds and the generator runs, it emits thick white to gray smoke that has been known to disrupt neighboring residences and local air quality.


The Gen-Tracker Generator Remote Monitoring System provides a simple and universal solution to provide a variety of critical information on your standby generator. An affordable and simple solution providing our ‘Results Readings’ on the most critical data on any standby generator system ensuring it’s going to run at the time of the next emergency event. An event driven system, all Gen-Tracker units transmit information to our data center in Minnesota, utilizing their unique communication method. Our data center then issues event notifications, alerts, emails and hosts the secured web portal.

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